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ClubSpotting With Aishling Moloney

With the ladies game on the continuous ascension in this country, Tipperary’s Aishling Moloney is becoming one of it’s greatest ambassadors both on the field and off it. The 2019 Intermediate Player of the Year reminded the country of her individual talent on Halloween afternoon this year as she nearly beat Galway on her own, kicking an enormous 1-10. Not to mention her endeavours in helping her club win the Tipperary Senior Championship a month previous. At the age of 22, one can only believe that the best is yet to come from the two time All-Ireland winner. This week we went Clubspotting with Aishling Moloney to Cahir GAA Club.

1. What are your earliest memories of Cahir GAA Club?

Arriving at training in a pair of red wellingtons! My parents sent me in thinking everything would be hunky dory. The girls that I am good friends with now laughed at me, it took a lot of convincing to get me back in those gates again. I was around 7 at the time so I wasn’t convinced until around 8 years of age. I played with the boys first for a few years, my brother was on the team so he took good care of me. At around 10/11 I began playing with the girls and it has taken off since then.

2. Who was your biggest influence in getting you involved in sports?

Although it was a rough start, I’d have to say my parents. They have apologised to me since so I’ve got over it! But they have encouraged me and influenced me throughout. I cannot be thankful enough for everything that they have done. They have always prioritized sport since I was young and gave me every opportunity possible, they have missed out on some of their own private events at times. They saw the enjoyment that I got from it, so it was always number 1 on their list.

3. Who was your sporting idols growing up?

Briege Corkery was someone who I have looked up to since I was a ‘wee tot’. I suppose with Cork being so successful then, she was an easy choice with her stand out performances. She was built like an engine and always gave it her best shot. At the time I played midfield myself, so she was someone I was aspiring to be. I have moved into the full forward position since, so I’m gone a slight bit lazy! I get slagged about this quite regularly. I had the opportunity to play alongside her in the LGFA Munster Inter-Provincial’s in later years. She had such a great personality and is a great role model for younger girls.

4. What has been your proudest moment in a Cahir Jersey?

Winning the Senior Football County Final this year. I suppose having the privilege to play with Tipp, sometimes it’s hard to fit in the club with the busy schedule. This year we could give 100% commitment and it brought about an incredible atmosphere and lifted the community spirit within the club. It was certainly the most enjoyable year of club football to date. I enjoyed being able to give full commitment as its been years since this was the case. To be fair to them they are highly entertaining and provide an abundance of craic, I love them to pieces!

5. Ladies Football stock is on the rise and finally beginning to get the publicity it deserves, what other changes would you like to see made to continue its growth in the public eye?

The work that LIDL and TG4 have done over the past few years has been incredible. They have really put Ladies Football up on a pedestal. As of recent, the live coverage of games has proven to be a big hit all over the country with the “Friday night lights”. I suppose another recent headline amongst the WGPA was player expenses, hopefully this can be improved soon.

6. What are your hopes for Club and County in the future?

Its everyone’s dream to be winning All Irelands with both club and county but unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as that! For now, ambitions would be to be as competitive as we can be in both Club and County, making a good account of ourselves. But I suppose most importantly enjoy it, we will be long enough going around on walking sticks and reminiscing on memories of it all.

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