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ClubSpot Ticketing

Eco friendly digital tickets straight to your phone

Secure  |  Trackable  |  Experiential Ticketing

What is ClubSpot Tickets?

ClubSpot Tickets provides a fully digital ticketing system, allowing for a “contactless” fan experience, promoting confidence in fans as we reintroduce spectators to sport.

With no hardware needed, ClubSpot Tickets provides a streamlined solution for event organisers who want to provide the best possible ticketing experience to their fans.

ClubSpot Tickets being diplayed on a iPhone X. Ticketing proivided by ClubSpot.
ClubSpot logo 2022
Mobile phone lying flat on its back while displaying clubspot tickets

Why ClubSpot Tickets?

Safer, faster & more profitable ticketing

ClubSpot transforms the ticketing experience for both event organisers and attendees, providing total control over game changing features:

  • Know exactly who is attending your events

  • Drive additional revenue via mobile commerce

  • Use data to improve customer experience and grow revenues

Easy & Simple to Use

The ClubSpot ticketing app is easy to download and simple to use for fans attending an event. With our super-fast mobile scanning software, queues become a thing of the past! 

Club Testimonial

Cavan gaa club crest

Cavan GAA

"ClubSpot has allowed me as a volunteer to massively decrease my workload, manage finances more securely, and plan better. Money from gate revenue is in our account before the throw-in allowing us to create a better experience for our supporters and a better working environment for our volunteers."

Martin Cahill

Treasurer of the Cavan GAA County Board

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Want to Learn More?

Just call, email or even visit us to learn more about the ClubSpot ticketing app, one of our sales team will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Clubspot Tickets Support Number


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