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Online Fundraising

Computer screen showing fundraising page of ClubSpot admin portal
iPhone screen showing membership page of custom club app, powered by ClubSpot

Fundraising Made Easy

With the ClubSpot platform, you can promote and sell your lotto and fundraising tickets online, making it simple for your club members and supporters to purchase them from anywhere.

When selling online tickets you can choose whether you want to sell time-based or single ticket types.


Our fundraising feature takes things to the next level, allowing club admins to send mobile push notifications to their users and club members. You can keep everyone in the loop about your fundraising efforts, ensuring maximum engagement and support.


Once the event is complete, you can instantly check the winners and share the results with your club members - all in one convenient location.

Hear what our customers have to say...

If you want to grow your club’s online revenue contact us today to learn more about how ClubSpot can help.

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