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Testimonial Thursday - Crosserlough GAA

Crosserlough GAA ease member GDPR concerns with new custom club mobile app, powered by ClubSpot

Crosserlough GAA have recently entered into an exciting partnership with ClubSpot, a sportstech company from Cavan, allowing them to successfully alleviate their members' GDPR concerns that were previously associated with the use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, plus much more. The move exhibits the ambition and creativity of the club in revolutionising their club management and member engagement, something that will surely be replicated by other clubs across the county.

The new Crosserlough GAA custom mobile app offers supporters a one-stop-shop for all things related to the club, and is free to download on both Apple and Google app stores. It allows club players, supporters and administrators to benefit from features such as efficient membership management, event announcements, online fundraising, and full club communications to name just a few.

The app's GDPR compliant messaging feature implements one-way communication that safeguards members' contact details from being shared with others. This stands in stark contrast to other messaging systems where member information might be at risk of exposure. The club now offers a secure and private experience for its members, instilling trust and confidence in their digital interactions within the club community.

In addition, supporters have the ability to stay up to date with all the latest news from the club. Whether it's team news, match reports, or fixture updates, supporters can access all the latest information in seconds. Club management and admins have been provided with an all-in-one club management platform which delivers immense value to club administrators by reducing their workload and allowing them to stay organised.

Commenting on the partnership, Crosserlough GAA Chairman Adrian O'Reilly said:

“The app is very user friendly, ClubSpot is a local enterprise owned by John Hyland from Gowna, a Cavan enterprise, so that was one of the main reasons why we went for the app. Onboarding meetings have been very smooth and professional. Feedback has been excellent so far…it is very user-friendly”.

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