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Testimonial Thursday - Argideen Rangers GAA

How Argideen Rangers boosted membership numbers by 21% & membership revenue by 30% in 1 year with ClubSpot

How Argideen Rangers boosted membership numbers by 21% & membership revenue by 30% in 1 year with ClubSpot

Argideen Rangers GAA is a club located in Timoleague, Co. Cork. With roots dating back as far as 1892, the club has a number of titles under its belt, and has grown to now field both hurling and football teams across multiple age ranges.

Challenges faced

Argideen Rangers GAA, a small rural club, encountered familiar challenges in managing their club processes efficiently and maximising revenue:

  • Their previous member registration process was cumbersome, leading to potential membership losses.

  • The club sought to enhance communication and engagement with both members and the wider community.

  • Club revenues were not maximised due to long and frustrating fundraiser ticket purchasing processes.

  • High admin workload running weekly lotto and selling tickets.

Key Objectives

The key objectives for Argideen Rangers GAA were aligned with streamlining administrative processes, boosting club revenues, and fostering stronger community ties.

Specific goals included:

  • Simplifying the membership registration process to increase overall club membership

  • Improving communication channels for fixtures, results, and fundraising efforts.

  • Increase club revenues to aid club growth and development.

  • Build a stronger, more engaged community around the club.

  • Streamline internal club processes to reduce administrative work.


In their first year with ClubSpot, Argideen Rangers GAA witnessed a transformation in their club management:

  • Argideen Rangers GAA mobile app to sell memberships built by ClubSpot.

  • Administrative portal to manage members, track payments, and communicate with members.

  • Simple membership checkout process.

  • Wider membership options such as including an annual lotto/raffle ticket, instalment plans, family and group options etc

  • Comprehensive Communication Hub: Utilising ClubSpot's 'Fundraiser' and 'News' features, Argideen Rangers GAA created a centralised communication channel for fixtures, results, lotto information, and community notes. The app's accessibility to non-members further expanded its reach to family and community members.

  • One-Stop Solution: ClubSpot became the go-to platform for club members, offering a wide array of features that facilitated administration, fundraising, and community engagement. The platform served as a comprehensive solution for all club-related activities

  • Direct 24/7 Support: From ClubSpot Customer Success Manager.

  • FREE graphics pack for social media.

  • FREE 2 Hour fundraising consultancy.


Through the ClubSpot Platform Argideen Rangers GAA have managed to achieve key objectives and revolutionise club revenues and engagement.

  • Membership Growth and Revenue Increase: The club experienced a remarkable 21% increase in overall membership and a 30% boost in membership fees compared to the previous year.

  • Efficient Membership Registration: The rollout of ClubSpot coincided with the registration period, providing members with a clear and straightforward registration process.

  • Enhanced Communication: The 'Fundraiser' and 'News' features on their club app facilitated consistent and effective communication, reaching both members and the broader community.

  • Reduced Admin Workload: The club achieved an easy, low workload way of running its draw and managing its membership database.

How Argideen Rangers boosted membership numbers by 21% & membership revenue by 30% in 1 year with ClubSpot

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