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International Women's Day 2023

To celebrate the strength and wisdom of women, we have compiled some of the best quotes from inspiring women we've had the privilege of collaborating with. From industry experts to some of Ireland's best sports stars, this post is not to be missed!

ClubSpotting with Lorraine Bray

"I remember my mother was on the road 24/7 anyway up and down to the pitch, she’d a path worn! There were several times I was left wandering outside the pitch waiting for a lift, as the farm jobs at home were more important! From a young age we use to always train with the boys in the club and I use to be a bit of a ‘tomboy’, so I fitted right in. That definitely toughened us up back then, there were no hiding places!"

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ClubSpotting with Leanne Kiernan

Leanne went on to make her senior debut at 17 and scored on her competitive debut. “That was a huge day for me, to have my family there and make them proud was really special. It felt like I was repaying them for everything they did for me, bringing me up and down the road to Dublin for training for every week.”

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Aishling Sheridan - The importance of Recovery for Athletes

"If you're involved in an intense training program or in the middle of your championship season, it is essential you structure rest days. Listen to your body, make sure the day before your match and even the week leading up to your game isn't too busy so you can give your body that chance to recharge and be ready to go when needed."

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ClubSpotting with Róisín Kirwan

"My proudest moment was between returning to play after my second ACL injury after 3 years of doubting myself and missing a lot of my underage career I felt that I would never be good enough to perform at the highest level. And lining out in my first senior county game for Waterford coming from junior the previous year. "

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ClubSpotting with Ciara Trant

"My proudest moment was seeing my family after we finally won the All Ireland in 2017. I ran straight over to them in the crowd. In the three years previous that scene was a sad one as we were on the losing side. It was fantastic to be able to replace those painful moments with one of elation."

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Gráinne Kierans - The most evident remedy, mostly ignored

"I promote at my studio a class environment, were I want people to team up with each other, to encourage and be encouraged, to share stories, to keep young in themselves. To laugh, to cry...But to complete not compete, creating an environment where everyone is appreciated and valued, whether it's mothers, fathers, nurses, people in wheelchairs, cancer patients, pregnancy, people going through IVF treatment, people who have had miscarriages, suffering with menopause...Everybody is going through or has gone through something, and facilities like mine help people find a solution to carry on and move forward."

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ClubSpotting with Lauren Magee

"First memories of Kilmacud Crokes would be going to the nursery every Saturday morning and playing with girls that I either still play with now or am still friends with outside of football. Crokes has been a big part of my life ever since I was born, with my Nanny being involved in setting up the ladies section to my Grandad making sure the pitches were cut and marked out perfectly and that the Senior lads had beautiful smelling jerseys for each match. "

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