Developing an Elite Mindset with Denis Coen

Denis has dedicated the past twelve years researching, studying, modelling and teaching Mental Resilience to highly driven athletes, coaches and teams. He works with athletes, coaches and teams to help them foster a Champion Winning Mindset. He provides simple practical mental skills and effective coping strategies that will allow you and your team to perform with confidence, composure and focus under pressure. As a former club and intercounty footballer he has competed in seven County Finals, two Provincials Club Finals and one All-Ireland Club Final in 1999.

HIs easy-to-use coaching philosophy is drawn from his own past playing experience, psychological research and extensive consultations with athletes, coaches and teams. His unique passion and commitment to helping you achieve performance excellence is what drives him. His talks, seminars and workshops are energetic, dynamic, practical, educational and fun.

Here Denis gives us an insight into three core principles of developing an elite mindset:

1. Attitude

2. Confidence

3. Self Belief



Self Belief

About the Author : Denis Coen

Denis holds an Honours Degree in Psychology. He is a Certified Life Coach and holds a diploma in NLP & Sports Hypnosis. He also has an academic background in Coaching, Training, Finance and Business Innovation.

He is an ‘asker of questions’ and will challenge and empower you or your team to increase performance standards and infuse them with a fire to achieve excellence.

To contact Denis or for more information, visit or @deniscoen on twitter.

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