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Make Membership Registration Easier for your Members!

ClubSpot helps club admins and their members better manage club memberships.

Is it time to start taking club memberships again? Dreading the daunting and laborious task of completing registrations and running around trying to get all your members to pay up? Don’t worry, ClubSpot makes it easier for your members to buy membership and reduce your own admin workload through an easy-to-use club management platform.

The ClubSpot platform consists of a club management admin portal to create membership types (Adult player, juvenile, ladies, family memberships, etc), manage membership income, pricing, and integration with Foireann to allow for seamless uploading of members. This allows administrators to reduce their workload when creating new memberships for the year and selling them all through an easy-to-navigate portal. Ditch the paperwork or manual spreadsheet entry and allow ClubSpot to take care of the time-consuming work, leaving you with more time to focus on other club goals or getting personal time back.

For members, it offers a fast, secure, and hassle-free way to renew memberships online through your club’s very own mobile app. Your club's “Digital ClubHouse”, allows members to buy or renew memberships and allow them to actively engage with the club.

It’s never been easier to sell memberships online with old and new members having the ability to renew in the palm of their hands.

For Club Administrators/Registrars

We know how hard club volunteers work and how much effort they put into making the club function. Our goal is to help reduce the time needed and cost put on club volunteers and allow them to focus on getting other club activities. It allows clubs to also increase revenue and create better value for their members.

With the click of a button, you can export members and bulk upload them to Foireann. In a matter of minutes, you can have all your members registered on Foireann.

To create membership types see the video below:

In order to easily manage members see the video below:

Get creative with your memberships. ClubSpot allows you to expand your membership offerings such as gym only, social member, facility member, annual lotto membership, and much more. You can even open an international membership for community members who want to support your club from abroad and allow them to keep up to date with all club news.

For Members

Renewing membership, registering with a club, or getting better value membership for your family is simple, secure, and hassle-free with your Club’s mobile App. Take a look at our tutorial videos on how to buy your membership.

How to Buy Group Membership

Support your club by keeping your membership up to date, even if you’re not a current player.

ClubSpot’s Digital ClubHouse

Creating your digital community couldn’t be easier with ClubSpot. Our platform allows you to create your own club mobile app, specific to your club's members. Post meaningful content, stop overloading members with information, offer a secure online presence, reduce your admin workload, grow your club revenue and build your database to re-engage and target members.

Your mobile app can be branded in your very own club colours, crest, and publish your own content. Having a mobile app in your club’s colours allows your members and supporters to connect emotionally to their local club’s digital home.

Your digital community will allow your club members to enter their own digital clubhouse at the tap of a finger no matter where they are. Grow your club's revenue and get started today.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can help your club!


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