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Auto-Renew Fundraising - New Feature Alert!

The Auto-Renew feature allows club members to automatically purchase tickets for recurring lotto draws and raffles.

  • Easy to set up

  • Increase revenues

Our Auto-Renew feature is now available to all clubs and members. No action is required so get started today with auto-renew to increase your club's recurring revenue and make it easier for your members to support your club!

(Auto-Renew Feature Example)

Club supporters simply select the "Automatically renew purchase" option before payment. It's really that simple! If they do not wish to do this they should select "One-time purchase".

If a club member wishes to cancel an auto-renewing purchase, the club will need to forward the purchaser's details to the ClubSpot team who will cancel any future purchase.

Would like to hear more about how Auto-Renew can help your help and members? Contact us today by clicking the button below.

What is ClubSpot?

ClubSpot can help your club reduce administration and increase your recurring revenues with your very own Customised Club App the following features:

Get in contact with us today to see how we can help your club!

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