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The Benefits of ClubSpot

ClubSpot is an online club management platform that was designed to help volunteer run clubs. We understand the importance of sport in local communities and to society as a whole. This was why we wanted to develop a product that would help the volunteers who are the lifeblood of grassroots sport across the world. We identified that many volunteers are working the

equivalent of a second job in their roles as Club Treasurers, Secretaries and Chairpersons. As annual running costs continue to rise for clubs year on year we decided that our product must also help clubs to increase their recurring revenues.

With these simple tasks in mind (Save Time and Make Money) , ClubSpot was born.

ClubSpot is unique in that we provide our clubs with an online club management system for club administrators and a customized club app for Club Members. We understand the importance of the relationship between a member and their club, and have developed a product that will increase engagement, thus providing clubs with the opportunity to generate greater revenues.

Administration Platform

We provide an unrivalled depth of features to clubs through our administration platform including:

• Create and manage memberships • Club Lottos • Club Events • Accept online payments • Club News • GDPR Compliant • Team/Group Communications • Automated Notifications • KPI tracking • Financial Dashboard Overview • Manage Fixtures and Results • Central club document storage system

Clubs can now create and configure their membership offerings online and allow members to sign up through the club app. This reduces the huge administration burden club officials currently encounter. It also provides the clubs with a GDPR compliant method of storing members data, and using stripe all payments are processed securely, directly into the clubs account. Administrators can run events and lotto online, publishing tickets for sale on the app. By making these tickets easily accessible to members clubs will benefit from increased sales and attendances at events. There is also a financial dashboard providing clubs with real time information and allowing them to keep records of all online sales.

We have developed a GDPR compliant team/group communications service, this allows club admins to create teams or groups where only the admins or team managers can post content. There is no unauthorised personal information shared within these groups. This will help clubs to ensure all club communications are done in a safe and effective manner. Club Admins can easily create teams/groups and add a team manager who can then manage team communications, fixtures, results etc.

Our system has been designed around the volunteer who may only be able to perform their duties late at night or at unsociable times, to compensate for this we have created an automated notification system so club admins can publish news or events and have the notifications sent out at the time that will generate the greatest interest in the post. Our role is to make life easier on the volunteer and this is one of the many small features that will help.

Club App

Clubs are ambitious by nature and we wanted to match their ambition by providing them with a professional level product. Each club can now have their own club app which will be downloadable from the Google Play or Apple App store. Each app will be designed in the clubs colours using the clubs crest as the icon.

The club app will become the central communications hub for your club. Members will now be able to register, read the news, view upcoming fixtures and purchase lotto tickets, all from the palm of their hands. Our simple signup process makes it easy to onboard your members. This app provides clubs with endless opportunities to grow their membership, reconnect with the diaspora, improve the relationship with current members and increase sales of weekly lotto tickets or fundraisers.

Members can now receive updates on match results in real time, reminders to contribute to fundraisers, changes to time or location of games and events, and immediate notifications about any important issues within the club or community. This is more than just a club app, it supports growth and togetherness within the community and encourages members to become active within the club.


ClubSpot is unlike anything that is seen in the market today, we are setting new standards and scaling new heights in terms of product delivery. We have many more features planned and will continue to help clubs and communities to thrive and to succeed.


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