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Clubs have raised over €1,000,000 using ClubSpot!

Helping grassroots clubs is our main objective at ClubSpot. Having the opportunity to give clubs a platform to grow and adapt to an increasingly technological world, give us great satisfaction. Since our launch last year, we are delighted to work with some like minded club committees, who share the same enthusiasm and passion for their clubs as we do. Apart from the action on the field, the bigger picture of improving the community around you is as important as ever and we like to think we can help with that improvement and growth.

Communities across the world rallied together to help each other through the strangest of years in 2020. Sports clubs in particular started initiatives to help those most vulnerable in their area. This amplified how important the local sports club is to our local towns and villages. However, Covid-19 stalled many clubs fundraising efforts completely. Club Lottos, 50/50 Draws, festivals, events and matches were all pulled so we could all continue to stay safe. Most clubs did not have an online platform to fall back on when these unprecedented circumstances abruptly came down the tracks. Thankfully, we arrived at the perfect time.

To date, the clubs and county boards we have had the pleasure of working with have raised over €1,000,000 collectively on the ClubSpot platform, helping them to not only only stay afloat but to prosper during a massively difficult period. Whilst working closely with these clubs we have offered our help and advice where needed and kept a close relationship with each club to give them the best opportunity to maximise their potential. By simply giving them a system where they can host fundraisers, share news, distribute match tickets and gather membership fees.

We look forward to seeing this figure rising further as we exit our infancy and grow at the same rate our clubs have to date. If you want to see for yourself how we can help your club, contact us at or head over to for more information.


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