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Clubspotting With Katie Power

One does not simply win 4 All-Star awards on talent alone. As the saying goes, talent helps but it will not take you as far as ambition. Katie Power embodies that. She is one of the most exciting players of her generation but has got to that pantheon of modern day greats through hard work. Like most of the top players, she has suffered the heartbreak of serious injuries but the willingness to return never waivers. With an inter-county career of 15 years and counting and a trove of medals and individual accolades in the cabinet, we were more than happy to go ClubSpotting with Katie Power to Piltown to find out more.

1. What are your first memories of your club Piltown?

One main memory I have is of my Dad playing and the adult mens team at the time were quite successful in terms of the won a few junior titles. I remember me and my brother were only really small and didn’t have a big understanding of what was going on but I remember when they won one of the county final there was a massive bonfire lit for them. The whole parish out celebrating, and everyone gathered around the bonfire when the team was returning to Piltown with the cup.

Another one is my first day going training, well what I thought was training!!!

We didn’t have a Camogie club at the time so I was going boys training, but there was one other girl coming too. Today she’s still one of my best friends. We didn’t know each other at the time but we met up that Sunday morning in the juvenile field in and stayed together while all the lads pucked together.

She later went onto to be capped 35 times for Irelands senior women’s soccer team.

2. Who were your sporting idol growing up?

DJ Carey .

3. What makes your club special to you?

The uniqueness, how small we are but what big hearts everyone has. No matter where people seem to go for a year or two down different paths, a lot seem to return. It shows how special our club is.

Nothing beats going down to the field and pucking round, looking around and having so many memories both good and bad but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love playing for Piltown, its part of who I am.

4. What has been the proudest moment of your playing career?

Winning the Intermediate Club All-Ireland in 2015. What an unbelieve day for such a small place to come home with All-Ireland Glory.

This time the bonfires were lit for us and by god did we celebrate!

5. Toughest opponent you have faced?

Claire Phelan.

6. Best Player you have played with?

Anne Dalton.

7. What are your hopes and ambitions for 2021?

To get back on the field injury free.

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