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ClubSpot's Top 3 Winter Break Tips for Club Coaches and Managers

Winter is well and truly here, and for many sports clubs across the country this means it’s time for the annual winter break. Here are our top tips for club coaches and managers to make the most of the winter break, and ensure you and your team are ready to tackle the new season.

1. Look back on the year and make changes for 2023

Some things work and others don’t, it’s all about trial and error, especially when it comes to tactical team sports. Take some time during the break to look back at the team performance throughout 2022, both on and off the pitch. Try and pinpoint areas for improvement, such as the level of team fitness or even things like how the team/ club is managed. Then, set some resolutions relating to the team and management.

Top Tip: If club management emerges as a clear area for improvement in the new year, good news..ClubSpot can help! We help clubs with a number of aspects of club management, and can provide you with an all-in-one club management platform. If you’re interested in learning more, visit our website here, or contact us here.

2. Stay active - balance is key

Although relaxation is needed (and deserved), staying active is also important. Once or twice a week, try to get out and move, whether that’s going for a walk or even just doing some stretches at home. Staying active is a vital element of minding your mental health, but also of maintaining your fitness level over the break so all the hard work from 2022 doesn't go to waste. Check out our blog post on the recently launched Sport Ireland Winter Initiative 2022 to discover what events or activities are planned around the country or near your area during the winter months.

3. Set your players up for success

You know your players better than anyone, so try and provide them with a plan to follow so they can make the most of the winter break too. Emphasise that rest is necessary, but physical activity should not be forgotten. Ensure communication is maintained throughout the winter too, to avoid players losing interest and not returning to the field in the new year. ClubSpot’s administration software allows clubs and coaches to not only create secure messaging groups to easily communicate with players, but our news feature also allows club admins to send out news articles to their very own club app with push notifications - both ideal for keeping players and members engaged during the winter months. Check out what other features we offer here.

Most importantly, enjoy your (well deserve) winter break!


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