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Make registration a breeze with ClubSpot’s GAA Foireann Integration and easy membership purchase

Reduce your workload and manage all your club memberships and payments easily with ClubSpot’s Foireann integration. Allow members to buy a membership in less than 20 seconds!

Foireann is the GAA, LGFA and Camogie governing body member management platform. It is where all clubs must upload members to for each governing body to manage the members.

ClubSpot makes the membership registration process a breeze for both registrars and club members. With ClubSpot’s Foireann integration, it is possible to bulk upload all members to Foireann and complete your membership registration in less than a minute. No need to worry about duplicates as the ClubSpot platform and Foireann match existing members to each other.

Clubs can set up bespoke membership options that suit the club including single memberships, family/group membership, social memberships and more. You can include a membership with an annual lotto or raffle ticket and it will be automatically included in your club draws. ClubSpot also gives you the ability to sell memberships with bespoke instalment plans that best suit your club and members, including the option to charge a mark-up on instalments.

ClubSpot also makes the registration process for members as easy as possible and can even be purchased by the members themselves in less than 20 seconds. Members can purchase memberships through your very own club-branded mobile app. With ClubSpot’s simple 3-step checkout process, auto-fill membership details, notifications and simple process, your members won’t be slowed down when completing this step nd can complete this whole tasks in less than 20 seconds.

There’s even an option for members to opt in for an automatic renewing membership which takes care of the membership task automatically every year. This is a unique feature to ClubSpot and will allow the club to take membership without having to lift a finger. It also makes the normally labourise task away from members and they will never have to worry about completing it again.

By allowing ClubSpot to reduce your workload, you will have more time for the important things in life.

Also, by giving your members a quick membership purchase option, you will see a great uptake in a much quicker time.

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