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Sport Ireland Winter Initiative 2022 Launched

Find out how you can stay active over the Winter months

Minister of State for Sport and the Gaeltacht Jack Chambers recently launched the Sport Ireland Winter Initiative 2022, for the second year. The major national campaign is comprised of hundreds of events and activities organised by sports clubs, Local Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies to keep people active and fit over the Winter months.

Participating in exercise during the Winter is often a challenge for many due to poor weather conditions and less hours of daylight. Yet, the benefits of maintaining a level of physical activity throughout the period when many sports clubs take a break are immense. Thus, the initiative is designed to allow players and sportspeople to enjoy these benefits and stay active before the season begins in the new year.

With the first Winter Initiative proving a great success, this year’s is on track to achieve the same, with over 700 events and activities currently planned in communities across the country. Moreover, this year, there is a special focus on encouraging people to try a new sport they may never have attempted before.

Commenting on the initiative launch, Minister Jack Chambers said: “The Winter Initiative is designed to encourage people of all ages and abilities to stay active and embrace all the benefits that being involved in exercise brings over the coming months. A major focus of the Winter Initiative is also to support clubs, gyms and sports centres all over Ireland by encouraging people to renew their club membership or volunteer with their local team or sports organisation to give a boost to the entire sports system.”

If you would like to discover what events or activities are planned around the country or near your area, check out the full list on the Sport Ireland website here.

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