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5 Tips to Boost Your Club Lotto and Increase Revenue

Club lottos are something that admins are very familiar with, but for good reason - they are a great way to generate revenue, foster a collective sense of support for the club, and grow participation. However, effective management of your club lotto is crucial in guaranteeing success. In this blog post, we'll share 5 tips to help you boost your club lotto and take your fundraising efforts to the next level.

1. Promote your lotto effectively

One of the most important steps to boosting your club lotto is promoting it effectively. This means making sure that your members, supporters, and the wider community know about the lotto and how to play. Consider using a variety of promotional channels, such as social media, email newsletters, and local newspapers, to reach a wider audience. Ensure you know your target audience well, and be as creative as possible with the promotional content shared about the lotto.

For more tips on promoting your fundraiser, check our our recent blog post by clicking here.

2. Make it easy to play

Ensure that your club lotto is easy to play. Convenience is something we all value in today's busy world, and extends to fundraisers. Club members not only want, but also expect easier ways of engaging with their club, such as when purchasing lotto tickets.

ClubSpot's online fundraising platform allows members to sign up and pay for their fundraising tickets in a matter of seconds, through your club's custom club app. Moreover, our fundraising feature also allows club admins to send out mobile push notifications to their users and club members, to inform and remind them of upcoming lotto draws. After the lotto is complete, admins can check winners instantly and share the results with their club members again through push notifications, removing the need for members to manually find out who lotto winners are.

3. Offer additional attractive prizes

Many lottos award a monetary jackpot, however, another way of boosting your lotto sales is to offer non-monetary prizes, or "lucky dips" to win also. Make sure the prizes are desirable and will appeal to a wide range of people. For example, you could offer holiday packages or tickets to popular events in your area. Don’t be afraid to be specific - your lotto won’t be of interest to everyone, so avoid being too general. It’s always useful to look back at previous fundraiser data to gain a clearer picture of who or what groups make up your key audience. ClubSpots’ administration platform allows clubs to build a unique database of ticket purchasers to target for future fundraisers - check out how Ballybay GAA did just that with our help.

4. Encourage regular play

One way to boost your club lotto revenue is by encouraging regular play. ClubSpot's Auto-Renewal ticket feature automatically renews payments when fundraiser tickets reach expiry, ensuring supporters do not miss out on a draw and remain committed to supporting your club.

5. Be transparent - show how the funds will be used

Finally, make sure to communicate to players how the funds from the lotto will be used to benefit the club. This could include funding new equipment, maintaining facilities, or supporting club events. People are more likely to support the lotto if they know that the money is going towards a good cause within the club.

If you're interested in learning more about how ClubSpot can help transform your club lotto and fundraising, email reach out to us today via the button below:


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