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Testimonial Thursday - Ballybay GAA

How Ballybay Pearse Brothers GAA generate €1,340+ in weekly revenue with ClubSpot

Ballybay Pearse Brothers are a GAA club in Co. Monaghan with 340 members and introduced a 50/50 online raffle for members, supporters, and the local community to help them generate income to run the club. The 50/50 raffle sees total income generated split in half with the club taking 50% and the winner awarded the other 50%. This income allows Ballybay to give its members the facilities they need to succeed on the pitch.

Key Objectives

Ballybay's wanted to establish a stable income for their club with the below key objectives:

  • Run a weekly 50/50 raffle.

  • An online quick, easy, and secure way for people to play. Guarantee a minimum jackpot each week.

  • Easy to run with low administrative work.


Ballybay GAA enlisted ClubSpot's help to achieve its key objectives through the ClubSpot Club Management Platform. This included:

  • Ballybay GAA online web-based fundraising site.

  • Administrative portal to manage weekly raffle, track payments and generate winners.

  • ClubSpot Auto-Renew feature to allow players to "Set it and forget it" (Automatic weekly entries).

  • ClubSpot fundraising strategy guide.


Through the ClubSpot Platform Ballybay GAA has managed to achieve its goal of creating a stable income stream for its club and achieved its key objectives.

  • Established a weekly 50/50 raffle.

  • Online, quick, and secure way for members/supporters/community to take part.

  • Ability to guarantee the weekly minimum jackpot through the Auto-Renew feature.

  • Easy to run and low administrative work through the ClubSpot platform.

  • Average €1,340+ in weekly revenue.

  • €745 is generated weekly through the Auto-Renew feature and accounts for 47% of players.

  • Recurring revenue allows them to advertise a minimum jackpot guarantee of at least €372 weekly.

  • Ballybay is on course to achieve >€32,000 profit for 12 months from their 50/50 draw.

  • Built a unique database of purchasers to target for future fundraisers.

As Ballybay continues to grow its 50/50 raffle it will benefit from more players and grow its recurring revenue. This will allow them to guarantee a higher weekly jackpot.

Key Benefits Achieved

1. Increased and stable revenue 2. Reduce admin time and workload 3. Secure online and timely payments 4. Engage players, members, and supporters 5. Database of unique supporters to target for future fundraisers

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