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ClubSpot’s top promotional tips to ensure your club fundraiser is a success

Fundraising is an integral part of many local sports clubs, and is often a primary revenue source. So, it goes without saying, effective promotion of fundraisers is essential to guarantee success and promote club growth.

Here at ClubSpot, we’re on a mission to help local sports clubs to grow and thrive. Our all-in-one club administration platform and fundraising advice allows clubs to do just that.

With many Christmas and end-of-year fundraisers taking place over the next few weeks, we thought we’d share some of our top promotional tips to help you ensure your club fundraiser is a success.

1. Know your audience

Firstly, key to effective promotion is knowing your audience. By audience, we mean the groups of people who are most likely to engage with and ultimately support the fundraiser. Don’t be afraid to be specific - your fundraiser won’t be of interest to everyone, so avoid being too general. It’s always useful to look back at previous fundraiser data to gain a clearer picture of who or what groups make up your key audience. ClubSpots’ administration platform allows clubs to build a unique database of ticket purchasers to target for future fundraisers - check out how Ballybay GAA did just that with our help.

2. Select the right promotional channels

Determining your audience groups allows you to choose the right promotional channels and avoid spending too much time or money promoting your fundraiser where it won’t be seen. Generally, younger audiences, such as club players and supporters are often more reachable on social media channels, whereas more traditional media, such as newspapers or parish bulletins are effective in reaching wider community members.

Here’s a breakdown of the key channels you should be promoting on:

1. Your club administration platform - adding your fundraiser to your club administration platform is key to informing club members, players and supporters - it is likely to be the channel that effectively gets the word out to those most likely to support it. Adding a fundraiser to ClubSpot’s administration can be done in just a few steps, and importantly, allows club admins to send out mobile push notifications to their app users and club members when the fundraiser is approaching. Check out more about our fundraising feature here.

2. Social media - Social media promotion is a powerful and effective fundraising tool,

and is vital in today’s digital world. You can likely guarantee a large majority of your key

audience is active on at least one social media channel, so promoting your fundraiser

online is a no-brainer for many clubs. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the top

platforms we’d recommend promoting on.

But be aware: Ensure you tailor your captions on each platform! Instagram does not allow functional links within post captions; so ensure you include a link to the fundraiser in your profile bio and encourage people to click it from there.

3. Local media, such as newspapers and parish bulletins - including promotion within newspapers and parish bulletins is a vital means of reaching those in your key audience that may not be active on social media. Press releases or promotional images are great, and often free, things to include. ClubSpot are always on hand to help our customers with designing graphics or writing press releases, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like some support!

3. Publish effective promotional content

Another key element of promoting your fundraiser is ensuring attractive and informative materials are published. We recommend designing graphics using your club colours, and including eye-catching images, e.g., of raffle prizes, to grab attention. Moreover, don’t forget to include key details of the fundraiser, such as the date, time or event sponsors. Again, ClubSpot are always on hand to help our customers with designing promotional graphics, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

If your club would like to learn more about how ClubSpot can help your club fundraising efforts, increase your recurring revenues or help with all other aspects of club management, contact us today at, or click the button below.


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