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Save time this year with a complete club management system

Club managers and admins know all too well how much time and energy it takes to keep everything running smoothly. From scheduling club events and managing memberships to tracking fundraisers and handling communications, there are a million and one tasks to juggle on a daily basis.

That's where a complete club management platform can make a huge difference.

With a comprehensive solution like this, all of your club's operations can be streamlined in one place. Club managers and admins can say goodbye to multiple systems, spreadsheets, and manual processes, and hello to efficiency and organisation.

ClubSpot's complete club management platform is not only easy to navigate, but also saves both club admins and members time. We saved clubs over 16,640 hours of administration tasks in 2022 alone...

Here's how our platform did this:

1. Efficient membership management Club admins can easily create and publish both single & group membership types on the ClubSpot admin portal in just a few simple steps. A full list of club memberships can then be exported and uploaded to Foireann, removing the need of the laborious task of uploading each member individually.

2. Quick membership purchasing

Using your custom mobile app, powered by ClubSpot, your members can purchase their membership in less than 10 seconds, saving your members time and likely increasing member retention.

Check out how quick the process is below:

3. Automated fundraising features

ClubSpot can help you save 2 hours per week by automating the promotion of your club lotto or fundraising events. Our fundraising feature allows club admins to send out mobile push notifications to their users and club members. These notifications will repeat each week, removing the time needed to send reminder messages.

4. Easy messaging

Did you know, sports coaches spend up to 28mins per day on WhatsApp trying to communicate with their teams…ClubSpot's messaging feature allows managers to schedule and send messages with ease - check out the video below:

Members and players can respond to this message with only one click:

Managers can then see the number of yes/no responses at once, removing the need to manually count responses - time saved!

If you're interested in learning more and helping your club to grow and thrive in 2023 with a complete, online club management system, reach out to us today via the button below, or email!


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