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Testimonial Thursday - Carrigallen GAA

How Carrigallen GAA modernised its lotto and reached people from Leitrim to Lapland...

Carrigallen GAA is a club in South East Leitrim with 250 members. Founded in 1889, the club has a long and distinguished history. They became a ClubSpot customer in January 2020 as the first Leitrim club to join our platform.

Challenges Faced

Like most clubs, Carrigallen had challenges with generating revenue and modernising the club processes.

  • Carrigallen felt that its lotto had fallen behind the times in the modern world of online platforms.

  • Door-to-door lotto selling had ceased due to Covid-19.

  • High admin workload running weekly lotto, collecting cash, and travelling door-to-door.

Key Objectives

Carrigallen GAA had key objectives that they needed from a total club management system: Modernise their lotto fundraiser.

  • An easy, fast, and secure online way for members and others to play.

  • Grow the "Carrigallen GAA 100 Club" membership.

  • Easy to run with low administrative work.


Carrigallen GAA enlisted our help to achieve its key objectives through the ClubSpot club management platform. This included:

  • Carrigallen GAA's very own club mobile app.

  • Carrigallen GAA online web-based fundraising site.

  • Administrative portal to manage weekly lotto, track payments and generate winners.

  • ClubSpot free training, support, and best practice guides to maximise their fundraising.


Through the ClubSpot Platform Carrigallen GAA has managed to achieve its key objectives and revolutionise its revenue.

  • Carrigallen generated an additional €3,500 for the "100 Club" along with new members.

  • Modernised it's lotto by establishing an online presence for people living locally and abroad.

  • The ClubSpot platform offered its members and supporters a quick, easy, and secure payment method leading to a very successful checkout competition rate of 92.4%.

  • The average weekly lotto revenue grew to €584.

  • With the ability to target people with online lotto, Carrigallen mitigated the negative effects of Covid-19 and changed their model of door-to-door sales to online sales.

  • Achieved an easy, low workload way of running their weekly lotto and also reduced travel time and expenses on club volunteers.

Key Benefits Achieved

1. Increased and stable revenue 2. Reduce admin time and workload 3. Secure online and timely payments 4. Engage players, members, and supporters 5. Database of unique supporters to target for future fundraisers

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