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Why your club needs its own custom app

In today's digital age, almost everything can be done using a mobile device. This includes managing and engaging with clubs, which can be a challenging task without the right tools. A custom app can provide clubs and societies with a number of benefits, such as promoting events and communicating with members, to name just a few. Check out more benefits that clubs can enjoy with a custom app:

1 . Build a strong club brand

Having a custom club app can also help clubs to build their brand. Your club app powered by ClubSpot can be customised to match your club's colours and include your club crest, providing a professional look and feel. This customisation helps to build brand recognition and can make the club stand out in the community. Check out some examples below:

2. Improve communication

A custom club app allows sports clubs and societies to communicate with their members efficiently. Members can be informed about upcoming events, news, and other important club-related information through the app. This helps clubs to stay in touch with their members and ensure that they are informed about everything that is going on within the club.

ClubSpot provides custom apps to clubs and societies that allow for one-way communication between admins/ coaches and members. When using the group messaging feature on your club app, players can send a simple 1-click yes or no response, allowing coaches to easily track attendance - check out the video below:

3. Manage membership

Using club apps, members can view and purchase membership packages, renew their membership, and update their personal information. Custom mobile apps powered by ClubSpot allow members to purchase their membership in less than 10 seconds, saving them time and likely increasing member retention.

Check out how quick the process is:

4. Easily purchase fundraiser tickets

Another benefit of having a custom club app is that it simplifies the process of buying fundraiser tickets. Members can purchase tickets through your custom club app, powered by ClubSpot, which makes the process quicker and easier for both club administrators and members. Users can purchase tickets in a matter of seconds, at any time, from anywhere using their club app - check out how quick the process is below:

5. Promote club events

Custom club apps can also be used to promote club events. Club apps powered by ClubSpot can send push notifications to users to inform them of upcoming events or club news, and can even be scheduled to send at the optimal times. Moreover, these notifications can be automated, e.g., to repeat each week to promote your club lotto. Check out the video below:

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of a custom club app, or wish to create one for your club, schedule a FREE demo via the button below, or reach out to us today at!


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