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Why it's time for your club to go digital with a complete, online club management system

Keeping club members happy and engaged is a key task of club coaches and managers at all levels. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, the need for a digital solution for this task is clear. Moreover, as the ability to run both online and physical fundraising events is now realised more than ever, transforming your club with a complete, online management system is something to consider as the new year approaches.

If your club or society is yet to implement a complete, online club management system or establish a custom club app, here's a few reasons that might help you make the decision to do so:

1. Improved organisation & saved time:

With a complete club management system, you can easily manage all aspects of your organisation in one place. This can help reduce admin workload and allow you to focus on other important tasks, sporting activities and the physical and mental health benefits that they provide to their members. ClubSpot's complete management system saved sports clubs over 16,640 hours of admin tasks in 2022 alone.

2. Convenience & growth of revenue:

ClubSpot's complete management system allows club admins to easily inform members of things such as club news, event information and more. Your custom club app also provides an easy way for your members to access this information, promoted with push notifications, pay their memberships or purchase fundraising tickets, likely to increase club recurring revenues as a result.

3. Improved communication:

Your custom club app can help improve communication within your club by providing a dedicated platform for members to safely and securely communicate with managers and coaches. With ClubSpot's integrated messaging system we allow club administrators and team managers to create secure messaging groups. When using the group messaging you can track member attendance and receive simple yes or no responses, removing the need to manually count responses over WhatsApp.

4. Increased engagement:

ClubSpot's easily navigable complete management system and your well-designed, custom club app can help keep members engaged by providing them with a personalised experience that is tailored to their club interests and needs.

5. Enhanced member satisfaction:

By providing your members with a convenient, user-friendly, secure custom club app and management system, their overall satisfaction will likely improve. This can help increase retention and attract new members, ultimately benefiting your club in the long run.

If you are interested in learning more and helping your club thrive and grow in the digital age with a complete, online club management system, reach out to us today via the button below, or email!


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