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Private, Secure & Connected: Benefit from a Closed Social Media Network, powered by ClubSpot

Enjoy the best of both worlds - keep your members safe, while also raising club funds

Social media usage has never been as high as it is today - with over 3.6 billion active users, there's no sign of this slowing down anytime soon.

Open social media networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, have dramatically risen in popularity over the years. These networks allow internet users to view content through search engines and interact with anyone who uses the platform.

Although these networks are great for reaching a high number of people, they do pose some risks. These networks are often unrestricted and don't put limits on who can see shared content, meaning content may be shown to a user without being searched for.

In contrast, a closed social media network is a type of social media platform that requires an invitation or approval to join. These types of networks are typically private and are often used by groups or communities to facilitate communication and collaboration among their members. They are often used to create a more private and secure environment for communication and collaboration.

There are several benefits to closed social media networks:

  1. Increased security and privacy: Because access is limited to approved members, there is less risk of personal information being shared with outsiders or of malicious activity. Closed networks can also foster a sense of community and belonging among members, as they have a shared experience or connection.

  2. Greater control over who can access the platform: With a closed social media network, the administrators have greater control over who can join the platform, which can be useful for ensuring that only relevant or trusted individuals have access.

  3. Improved communication and collaboration: Closed social media networks can facilitate more effective communication and collaboration among members because they create a dedicated space for discussion and sharing.

  4. Greater sense of community: Closed social media networks can create a stronger sense of community among members because they are only accessible to a specific group of people. This can foster a greater sense of belonging and connection among members.

  5. More targeted advertising: If the closed social media network is being used by a company or organization, it can be a useful tool for targeted advertising. Because the platform is only accessible to a specific group of people, it can be easier to tailor advertising messages to the specific interests and needs of that group.

The ClubSpot complete club management system provides clubs with their own, secure, closed social media network. After club members have been added to the clubs platform, club admins and managers can communicate with them securely through our GDPR compliant messaging feature. Unlike WhatsApp, contact details are not shared among the group. Moreover, the only content that appears on the platform and club app is manually published by admins - no unfavored or inappropriate content will be shown.

In addition, the ClubSpot platform allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds - not only can your club enjoy a secure, closed social media network, but can also take your fundraising efforts to a new level. Clubs can promote and sell their fundraising tickets online through our club management system, send out reminder mobile push notifications and benefit from an auto-renewal ticket feature.

If you're interested in creating a secure, closed social media network for your club, while simultaneously boosting your fundraising efforts and enjoying many other features, click the button below to reach out, or email us at


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