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Nominations for Volunteers in Sports Award 2022 Now Open

‘Give the gift of nominating a standout volunteer in your club’

The Federation of Irish Sport recently announced the launch of the 2022 Volunteers in Sports Awards. Returning to an in-person awards ceremony this year, the awards recognise the army of volunteers who make sport happen in communities, in every county across the country.

Volunteers are the heart of many sports clubs and communities nationwide. Unpaid, they give freely of their time, energy and are dedicated to the development of their chosen sport and well-being of their club members. Over 450,000 volunteers are needed on a weekly basis to run club activities, giving on average 3½ hours per week. The estimated economic value of volunteering in sport and physical activity is worth €1.5bn. Without them sports clubs would not exist.

The 2022 awards will be celebrated in Dublin at the beginning of March 2023. Nominations are open from Monday 12th December via the dedicated awards website here.

Make sure you get you submit your nominations soon, as entries close on the 25th January 2023. Nominations are shortlisted and put forward for consideration by the Judging Panel. Winners are chosen on a county basis, with 32 award recipients and one select volunteer receiving the Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Click here to begin your nomination!

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