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Testimonial Thursday - Rathcline GAA

How Rathcline GAA grew memberships by 580% and increased lotto sales by 400% with ClubSpot...

Rathcline GAA club is a club in Longford with 130 members and was founded in 1890. They became a ClubSpot customer in August 2020 just in time to mitigate the negative effects of a global pandemic and declining membership.

Challenges Faced

Collecting annual membership was a huge challenge for the club. Its sales model was hard physical selling, mainly taking place in the local social scene.

  • Small rural club relying on hard-selling membership to locals.

  • High workload and time needed due to its sales model.

  • Covid-19 limited social interactions where memberships were traditionally sold.

Key Objectives

Rathcline GAA had key objectives that they needed from a total club management system:

  • Increase the membership base.

  • A new, easy, and online way for members to register.

  • Easy to run with low administrative work.

  • Tap into new revenue streams (online lotto, diaspora sales, etc.).


Rathcline GAA enlisted ClubSpot's help to achieve its key objectives through the ClubSpot Club Management Platform and club mobile app. This included:

  • Rathcline GAA mobile app to sell memberships built by ClubSpot.

  • Administrative portal to manage members, track payments, and generate winners.

  • Online web-based lotto site for reaching diaspora.


Through the ClubSpot Platform Rathcline GAA has managed to achieve its key objectives of generating more membership sales, having an online presence, and tapping into new revenue streams. Having their own Rathcline GAA app played a key role in membership uptake.

  • Outside of playing members, Rathcline grew their non-playing and social members from 15 to 102 (580% increase), thanks to an easy, secure, convenient, and quick way for members to register through the Rathcline GAA app.

  • Reduce the need for hard-selling of memberships in the local community, reduce club registrars' time/workload, and expand the range of people whom they could approach.

  • Offer members a convenient way to pay when social settings closed down during Covid-19 and reach the international diaspora.

  • Rathcline achieved an extremely high checkout completion rate of 96% compared to the 48% e-commerce industry average. This is due to ClubSpot's fast 3-step checkout process.

  • Change in behaviours as members were paying the membership out of choice, at their own convenience, and having no excuse for members not to pay.

  • Weekly lotto revenue also increased by 400%. ClubSpot's online solution and ability to target club diaspora massively club lotto revenue.

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