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ClubSpotting with Michéal Lundy.

Michéal Lundy.

Club: Corofin GAA Club, Galway

Michéal Lundy has been a driving force on possibly the finest club side this country has seen. First tasting All-Ireland success in 2015, they have since went on to claim a famous 3 in a row from 2018 to 2020, becoming the first team ever to claim that feat in the process. We were delighted to pick the brains of one of Corofin’s most decorated generals, about what makes the club the footballing powerhouse it has become and what he loves most about the place he calls home.

1. Describe your first memory of Corofin GAA Club?

Seeing the seniors win the All Ireland club title in 1998, looking on as young kid, all you could do was dream that one day you’d be in that position too. Thankfully we’ve had the same success.

2. Who was your childhood sporting hero?

Probably anyone on the Galway 98 team but it would probably have to be Michael Donnellan or Ja Fallon, I still watch back the documentary ‘A Year till Sunday’ on that year regularly.

3. What makes Corofin GAA club special?

The same that makes every club special. There is great community spirit and people’s willingness to help out is exceptional. It was probably more evident than ever during the height of the pandemic by the amount of volunteers offering their time to support vulnerable people in the parish. The success in our club isn’t down to just the players on the pitch, it’s about the whole club from the people on the committee to all the coaches who give up their free time to help kids develop their football skills.

Micéal Lundy in action
Michéal Lundy in action

4. What has been your proudest moment in a Corofin jersey?

Winning the All Ireland club final in 2015. It was the first All-Ireland for this group of players, all the hype and excitement leading up to the game brought a bit of extra pressure and it was such relief to finally win one. Winning any All-Ireland title is special but winning an All-Ireland with your neighbors and friends makes it extra special. It brought such joy to everyone in the parish and the homecoming was unreal and something I’ll never forget.

5. Do you think Club players are treated unfairly and that club championships are now an afterthought?

Slightly, I believe there should be a separate season for club and county, similar to what has been implemented this season. It’s not fair on clubs not having access to their county players in the build up to some big championship games.

6. Any superstitions/pre game rituals?

Not really, I just throw 2 pairs of everything in the gear bag. The gear bag does often weigh a tonne, I’m sure some of the other lads have some but it’s not something I pay too much attention to.

7. Are Corofin now aiming for a “5 in a row”?

It’s not something anyone is thinking at the moment, this year’s Galway championship is the aim!

Micéal Lundy Corofin GAA Gear
Michéal Lundy Corofin GAA Gear


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