Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

ClubSpot is looking for a capable, experienced, enthusiastic and commercially astute CTO to join our software product development team. We're an early-stage company with the potential to revolutionize how volunteer-run sports organizations manage themselves, engage with their members and raise funds to support their efforts. While we're young on the market, we're already making waves with tens of organizations already aboard. If you have what it takes to make us even better, please get in touch with us.

Education requirements:

• M.Sc. or B.Sc. in Computer Science, Information Technology or related field

• A qualification in business studies or commercial/product management experience will be seen as an advantage alongside technical qualifications

Your role:

• As a commercially orientated CTO, you will be responsible for bridging the gap between the customers on the front line and the back office design and technology team. You will proactively engage with customers to uncover their key challenges in the area of club management & member engagement and translate the obtained knowledge into feature definitions, ordered by commercial priority. You will work with the user experience design and technical team members to create a tangible substance around the road map. You will work alongside the key ClubSpot commercial stakeholders to continually refine our business models, market segmentation and related go to market strategy. You will create and maintain product management and technical sales collateral that are tailored to various customer profiles (e.g. Business vs. technical orientation).

• You will be hands-on and will contribute to the full-stack development of our software front and backend. We understand that your experience may be centered around the front or back end, not both, and this is ok as long as you have the ability to competently coordinate priorities and understand the complexities of all system components.

Skills & experience:

A qualified candidate will possess the following skills and experience

• 3+ years experience in commercially orientated Software Development (e.g. Supporting roadmap definition, product backlog management, technical coordination or contribution)

• An understanding of Cloud deployed business models (e.g. scaling transactional business models) and how technology can be leveraged to complement such a business

• Ability to translate business requirements into practical design and technical solutions alongside user experience designers, technical architects and other developers

• Ability to work in and manage agile product backlog cycles

• Ability to prioritize features based on their business merit, complexity and overall technological feasibility

• Ability to speak and adapt content to suit both commercially orientated and technically orientated end customers

• Hands-on familiarity with and ability to speak competently about

  1. Amazon Web Services

  2. ReactNative

  3. JSONoNode.js

  4. PostgreSQL database


Cavan / Dublin / Ireland / Remote - you will need to be based in Ireland in order to work remotely.


Software Development, Cloud deployed business models, Ability to Prioritize


Parking, Phone, Laptop