ClubSpotting With Bernard Jackman

1. What makes Bective Rangers FC a special club to you?

The People involved in the club. Even though I played my club rugby in Clontarf, I spent lots of time socialising in Bective Rangers as a lot of my Newbridge College friends went there to play. The Craic in the bar there was and is Legendary and thankfully a lot of the characters are still around.

2. What has been your proudest moment with Bective?

Seeing how the Squad have dealt with the Covid Restrictions. Between the end of last season being cut short, and the restrictions and regulations around training and matches, the players have never dropped the ball and if anything we are a tighter group than before.

3. Who was your childhood sporting hero?

I loved Kevin Moran, I saw him being sent off in an FA Cup final in 1986 as a 10-year-old and followed Man Utd ever since. As a passionate Gaelic footballer I was a huge fan of the Kerry Legend Jack O Shea too.

4. Any superstitions/pre-game rituals?

Always grab a take away coffee 2 hours before kick-off and try and get a bit of quiet time to go through things in my head.

5. What are your hopes for the future at Bective Rangers?

We have a great squad with a good age profile and I firmly believe this squad will bring the Club back up to UBL rugby.

6. What have been the main challenges in trying to coach the club during this pandemic?

The lack of direct contact we can have with the players. No dressing rooms, no meetings, no gym sessions etc. Also, there is no certainty and we are constantly having to adapt to cancellations etc and think on our feet. Zoom and WhatsApp have been used to try and overcome this, but it is hard to beat the face to face time.

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